Jack Blair

A game about finding yourself alone, and finding yourself, alone
A two player game about a worshiper meeting with their god
A solo game about games
A wanderhome nature for a place you are welcome but don't want to be
An exploration of body worship for one player
A game for adults experiencing childhood again, right this time
Space Legs is a Powered by the Apocalypse game about being the first humans in space
A post climate apocalypse ttrpg about punching the corps who did this
A game for 1-6 players about relationships to bodies, the world, and each other
A game about unionising
A two player tumbling tower game about keeping your cool
A Loaded by Goblins roguelike game about escaping your kidnappers
A game of mistrust and death for 2 to 13 players
A game about a confrontation with your grandmother over Christmas
A fiasco playset for trying to get along with your neighbours when everything is just so weird
A Descended from the Queen Game about Political Power
A game changing Space Legs playbook
supplemental moves for dungeonpunk

Lyric Games by Jack Blair