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Space Legs is a game about not colonising space and relying on the people around you. 

You can listen to a Space Legs oneshot on Party of One Podcast here!

We also recorded our playtesting sessions, and you can listen to the start of that processhere (3 episodes released, more to come!)

Some things are true about any Crew in Space Legs. 

  1. You are the first humans to join the galactic community. 
  2. When you meet a new kind of alien, you’re making first contact. 
  3. Your relationship with Earth is strained at best
  4. You were all already outsiders on Earth

You’re stuck in a tin can with a handful of crew, hurtling through space, meeting aliens, knocking heads, and making deals, and making the most of a bad situation. The setting is space exploration, but the game is the relationship you have with your crew when they make decisions you don’t agree with, take risks alongside you, and come to rely on you and on each other. You won’t necessarily have any connections to begin with. You’re coworkers more than you’re an adventuring party. But it takes a certain kind of person to sign up to go to space indefinitely instead of turning around at Mars when you miss your family, so you’ll probably find sooner or later that you’ll care for one another pretty deeply. 

Expect to find a family, shake hands with aliens, punch your friends and your enemies, and try not to let the loneliness of space get to you so bad that you give up on your mission.

 Space legs is a Powered by the Apocalypse game currently in playtesting. If you enjoy it, please let me know @toyourstations on twitter, or email me your feedback at jackdiblair@gmail.com

Update 31 May 21 -


  • Full text of game updated and formatted for easier reading, more comprehensive instruction and better understanding of the why behind design choices
  • Several moves updated to reflect changes to systems 
  • All crew moves updated
  • Condition related moves added to basic moves section 
  • Full text of game organised into chapters
  • Several sections reordered for easier reading and understanding 
  • Updates to Token Alien playbook adding more alien types
  • Update to playbook "Humanoid Droid" now called "HumANDROID" for legal reasons 
  • Licencing and acknowledgements added
  • Price added to game - No longer PWYW, now $10 minimum. 

UPDATE 4 May 21- 

Text file added for accessibility. 


  • Changed Loneliness to Doubt. Knock on changes to most playbooks. 
  • Update to Space Walker playbook replacing the move Alien Tech with Steady Hands
  • Update to basic moves, adding the move Jury Rig.
  • Update to First Contact, combining it with Extend a Hand to Shake to create a roll + No answers instead of + Parley
  • Update to Ship move "Star-Pilot" renaming it to "Star-Map", to alleviate confusion as to who could roll the move. 


  • Streamlined ship information and resource management

UPDATE 12 FEB 21 -

  • added premise information and introduction, additional GM advice, GM Agendas and principles, and Setting information
  • Update to rules around loneliness and hopelessness points
  • Update to clearing harm
  • Rules for assisting crewmates on project clocks

UPDATE 17 Jan 2021 -

  • Changed the Ray Gun Slinger move "A trained eye" to reflect updated stats from last update.
  • Added player advice for each playbook, including touchstones and advice on creating bonds
  • Updated rules on clearing the Pained and Debilitated conditions, for clarity.
  • Added sections in Character Creation around creating Disabled Characters and making backstories compatible with collaborative worldbuilding
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorJack Blair
TagsAliens, kiwrpg, LGBTQIA, Narrative, PbtA, Queer, Robots, Sci-fi, Space, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Is this still in development?


Hiya! Sort of. The text is mostly finished, but I'm still working on layout, character sheet design, and commissioning art for the final book. There'll also be minor changes to the text when the final is released, but the rules are very unlikely to see any major changes at this stage.

how many people are required to play, and what would be the minimum number of players for a successful session?

Hi! You could play GMless with two players, or 2 players with a GM! Any sized group up to about 6 works well (I've run sessions with 7 PCs but it's very unweildy for the GM)

This is a tabletop yes?

Yes absolutely :D