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New Cover by Aaron Azar (aaronaz.art). Interior art by Hella (@HellaTronDrawin on twitter). Text of the game has not changed, but I did add licencing information, art credits, and some online play suggestions. Enjoy!


“The castle is a veritable prison - and I am a prisoner!” - Dracula, Bram Stoker, 1897

It’s important to be polite, but you and your host are both treading on thin ice. He needs you alive, to act as his solicitor for his move to England, and you need to get out alive because, well, you don’t want to die. 

One of you is Dracula, the other is Jonathan Harker. 

In this game, you'll draw cards and answer prompts about moments where courtesy fails you in a precarious situation. Tension will build as you pull blocks from a tower. 

Will you get out without giving in to the monster? 

This game was written for the Dracula Jam


Get this game and 19 more for $10.00 USD
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this looks quite fun! do you have any recommendations for playing in an online setting? thinking of progressively harder dice rolls to simulate the high stakes of late-game jenga, but it isn't quite the same.

also, a small question: does one re-stack the blocks once they lose their cool?


Hey! Thanks for reaching out! for online, I recommend rolling a d20 each time you'd pull a block, noting the number each time. If you roll the same number 3 times, count that as the tower falling. Unfortunately I don't know where you'd find an online tarot deck to pull cards from

I consider the tower falling the end of the game, but if you wanted to, you could restack it. I'm not the boss of you. :D 


when I played with a friend online, we used https://randomtarotcard.com/ , and to simulate the jenga tower we started with 100d6 and every time we would 'pull a block', we would roll the entire dice pool and remove all 1s, with the fall condition being no dice left. (ie, the first time we rolled/pulled a block, we had 9 1s, so then we were rolling 91 the 2nd time, etc). the balance of how likely you want the tower to fall can be adjusted with number of starting dice-- I think we ended with 8 dice left in the pool, so we got down to the wire, but we were never in a "1d6 left don't roll a 1" situation. I think 80-100 starting dice will get you to a high-risk level at the end without guaranteeing a fall. 


I used this https://tarotpoint.com/random-tarot-card-reader to get a random tarot card when I played this.